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Sales conditions



The purpose of the present ‘general sales conditions’ is exclusively to govern the sale of the products shown on the Internet website of PARIS LOTUS.

Placing an order and validating this order on this website implies the agreement by the buyer of all the following terms, expressed as our ‘General Sales conditions’.

Identification of our company      


See more details in "Contacts" on our homepage.

Customer Service

For all information, question or advice, our “customer service” is at your disposal :
- by mail addressed to our head office
- by telephone
- by fax
- by email.                 

See also in "Contacts" on our homepage.

Offers and  Prices displayed

All offers and the prices displayed on our website  are indicated in Euros all taxes included but not including any freight or transport charge.

These prices can change at any time.

The prices on the final invoice will be those incurring at the time of ordering the goods. the additional freight or transport charges will be of 8 Euros per order.

Some “special price offers” available on our website can be not available in our shops, and vice versa.   The promotional offers are valid only when displayed on the website, and as long as stocks last.

Ordering and payments

The PARIS LOTUS website allows you to choose the goods and validate your order online, only with a credit card payment.

We only use a secure line to secure any payment transaction.

See also in "Secure Payments" on our homepage.

Order Confirmation

An email confirming your order will then be automatically addressed to the customer, including a link with all past orders, if any.

Products delivery

PARIS LOTUS will do its best to deliver the goods ordered from our website rapidly and in the shortest time possible. This time depends, of course, on where the goods should be delivered to. In case of a stock shortage, we reserve the right to differ for a few days the sending of all the goods purcahsed. If this shortage lasts, only the available products will be shipped to the customer.

Retractation time    

You have 7 days after receiving the goods , to return the (non-opened) goods and get a credit note on your account, equal to the amount of the returned goods.

The return transport costs are only payable by the customer, not by Paris Lotus.

Availability of information on the website

The products are displayed on our website with the maximum of accurate informations that is in our hands. Paris Lotus cannot be held responsible for any omission or lack of information. The pictures shown are not contractual and displayed only as pure information for the viewer.


PARIS LOTUS cannot be held responsible for the inexecution of an order in a case of products being out-of-stock or not available & in cases of force majeure, strikes, among others causes, in the postal services, transport and/or communications.

We remind our customers that all the PARIS LOTUS products are health products and cannot be considered in any case as medicines, neither in their composition, their use nor packaging.

PARIS LOTUS cannot be held responsible for any consequences of a misuse or misunderstanding of the informations printed on the products it sells or on its packaging.

The products commercialised by PARIS LOTUS are all in conformity with the french regulations. For orders from outside France, it is the duty of the buyer to get the correct information and/or limitations from its local authorities in order to import the goods purchased.

PARIS LOTUS cannot be held responsible for the purchase of a product that is not in conformity with the regulations of a country based outside France.

Regarding the other websites’ links displayed on our website, we cannot be held responsible in the case when these site’s pages content would not follow Paris Lotus’ ethics and company policy as mentioned above.

Intellectual property

The present website and all its content (photos, logos…) are the exclusive property of PARIS LOTUS. All reproductions or copies of pages, total or in part, are strictly forbidden.

Relevant laws

This contrat is ruled by the french law. In case of a conflict, only its French language version will be valid. The tribunal of PARIS is the only one relevant, but an agreement between the parties should always be found before any further action is taken.   Our customer service is here to answer any request from our worldwide customers.


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